Pokemon GO, Augmented Reality, and Education: Innovation in Learning


When Niantic introduced Pokemon GO, gaming has been brought to a new level because augmented reality made the experience much more real because you get to catch imaginary monsters in a real-life environment. Although the use of augmented reality or AR is just in its "baby stage," the education sector has been considering its possibilities to innovate learning and teaching.

Recent studies have shown how augmented reality can make training and learning more immersive. There have been some interesting projects using AR in training professionals from pilots to medical professionals. Now, they are testing how effective AR is with kids. For example, and app called Future Delta teaches kids about climate change.

Game developers have transformed a real town into a video game and asked players to be more pro-active with their choices in order to create a much better and safer environment.

When you bring augmented reality in the classroom setting, lessons can be more vibrant and eye-catching. Moreover, students can have a better understanding scientific and technical principles.

Augmented reality will also allow schools to save more. Schools spend a lot of money on prototypes, detailed illustrations, and models. In many cases, a lot of schools don't have the needed funds to buy these things. And when they do, they can get worn down with time, They can also lose their relevance because new information is discovered and new technology is introduced.

With augmented reality, students can access these students can easily access physical models wherever they are. By just a few simple scans, they can access graphs and 3D models and images using their smartphones and their books.

It's not impossible in the not so distant future to have a Hogwarts-like school where paintings, books, and newspapers have moving images can be a reality through augmented reality.

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