'Titanfall Frontline' News: iOS, Android Unveiled by Nexon; Respawn Entertainment and Particle City?


"Titanfall Frontline" is finally here; Nexon in partnership with Respawn Entertainment and Particle City have managed to develop this strategy card game.

Expected to debut later this fall, it will be the first mobile game in the wide range of Titanfall's franchise, the setting is in the extended "Titanfall" universe where real time competition between players who assume the role of commanders takes place. The debut comes at a very strategic time as "Titanfall 2" console and PC title are about to debut sometime late October, well, some think it's a cross-promotion marketing strategy, Venture Beat reported.

The game is coupled with tactical burn cards, Titans, and powerful pilots all which are designed to give the player enough capabilities to strategically outsmart their adversaries. Sources say that "Titanfall Frontline" will be made available on Google Play for use with android phones and also iPhone and iPad App store.

"Titanfall" will allow players to develop their own gameplay by assembling dropships, Titans, and light pilots to handle their opponents. Players can also upgrade their own fighting units and decks based on their strategy. Opponents can also be overwhelmed by the special ability burn cards, strong defensive systems and installations.

Nexon has had the privilege to publish this game which will be coupled by a brand that's well known amongst hardcore gamers, according to remarks made by the CEO; Nexon is taking the initiative to propel mobile gaming to the next level. Titanfall: Frontline will be among the game titles available in the mobile gaming realm that Nexon has published; DomiNations has been known for a while, Android Headlines reported.

According to Vince Zampella, the CEO of Respawn Entertainment, the debut will be very exciting to his team at Respawn and to the "Titanfall" fans around the globe. The CEO also emphasized on the games ability to deliver a superior and distinct feel that is compatible with a smartphone.

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