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New ‘Pokemon GO’ Updates: Buddy Pokemon System Offers In-Game Rewards; Trading System and Player vs Player are Coming Soon?


Niantic is slowly fulfilling its promises of putting more fun in the latest game craze 'Pokemon GO'. Just recently, Niantic added new feature of the game called 'Buddy System' and the players are excited for the upcoming ones soon including the 'Pokemon Trading' and 'Player vs Player' which are on tops spots of the player's wish list.

Android authority explained how the 'Buddy Pokemon' system works. The report claimed that the newest added feature will help the player decide what pocket monster in the Pokedex that perfectly fits as a bud. There are perks waiting ahead once a player designated a Pokemon as his BFF and one of those is the Candy that can be used in the evolution of Pokemon in a fast manner or increase its combat points. The system will also allow a player to swap Pokemon buddies from his collection. The buddy Pokemon will appear right next to the Trainer's avatar in the profile page of the game.

Aside from the newest Pokemon Buddy system, there are rumors of upcoming features that are likely to happen soon. Android Authority revealed about the possibility of Niantic to add up the Player to Player feature anytime soon. This fuzz was caused by a Reddit detective who unearthed ancient information about the game's stripped features and that includes the PvP as well as the trading feature.

On the other hand, Polygon listed some of the features who happened to be in the wish list of every player. The list includes Trading System where player can have duplicate Pokemons exchange for candies, Player vs Player or PvP where players could face off with each other, Maps (in addition to PokeRadar) to enable players to navigate, track and catch Pokemon and the last item in the list is the Better Battling feature where players will be able to come up with a better strategy (offensive or defensive) right before the match.

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