Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Release Date, Specs & Price: The Upcoming Laptop Likely To Feature Better Battery, Kaby Lake Processor And More!

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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 laptop is slated to hit the store shelves in October, and if rumors proved to be true, the device will enhance a picture-perfect 4K quality with an Ultra HD Display.

Not too long ago, the current Surface Pro model received a price cut of $280 on account of a 50-hour sale, wherein the sale concluded on August 20. The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 was expected to make an appearance in June; however that did not happen as Microsoft planned to add an array of awe-inspiring features to the said device in a bid to make a solid impression on the fans.

Despite its popularity, the Microsoft Surface Pro series has not been spared from flaws. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 experienced a lot of battery issues, for instance. Its battery could reportedly last for nine hours.

Learning a lesson from the past, Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to pack a robust battery this time. Moreover, developers have left no stone unturned to ensure that the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 meets the expectations of the consumers. The fifth generation Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will pack a comparatively better battery and will also come with a Kaby Lake processor, The Country Caller reported.

Rumors are rife about the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 that the laptop would be a gaming-oriented device that may boast either a NVIDIA's Pascal or an AMD graphics processor "Polaris". Moreover, the laptop will reportedly replace the existing AAAA battery-powered stylus with a Surface Pen.

Equipped with 512GB eMMC storage space and a mammoth 16GB RAM, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is likely to be well-received by gamers as the device is packed with all the key elements prescribed for high performance and heavy gaming.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 featured a 2736×1824 resolution and a 12.3-inches touch screen display. The device runs on Windows 10 and comes with a 128GB storage capacity, an 8MP rear camera and 5MP front shooter and the Cortana Digital Assistant.

The Microsoft Surface 5 will be up for grabs in three categories: m3-6Y30 (900 MHz up to 2.2 GHz), i7-6650U (2.2 up to 3.4 GHz) and i5-6300U (2.4 up to 3.0 GHz), upheld by Intel Iris 540 graphics.

Optimistic Surface Pro fans are speculating that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be launched in October 2016, provided the Redmond based tech firm follows its release pattern. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 was released in October last year.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will be up for grabs for US$899 (AU$1,349), however the price is expected to rise based on the configuration and accessories you desire.

Watch the footage for more details on the highly anticipated Surface Pro 5:

In other news, NotebookCheck recently benchmarked an i7 model of the Intel's new line of Kaby Lake CPUs.

The i7 Kaby Lake usually offers about a 15-20 percent boost over its Skylake counterpart. However, this increase is due to no changes in design or clock. This round of updates focuses completely on optimization. It implies that Kaby Lake is able to use Turbo Boost and "Overboost" to offer enhanced performance in various areas.

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