Two Christian Schools Merge To Form Johnson University System


Johnson University has merged with Florida Christian College in Kissimmee, Florida, to become the Johnson University System, early July. The Johnson University in Knoxville will now be known as 'Johnson University Tennessee,' while the Florida Christian College will be called 'Johnson University Florida.'

The older Florida Christian College faced lots of financial trouble which ultimately resulted in loss of accreditation. The merger has allowed the school to regain its accreditation and stable financial status.

Both universities, known for focusing highly on religion and Christianity as part of their curriculum, will be offering classes at both locations and online.

"We both view the study of the Bible as central to that preparation, and our academic offerings are based on the premise that students should be exposed to their own culture and other world cultures from a Christian worldview. It is only natural that we have formed this partnership, and we look forward now to impacting God's kingdom in ways that our separate institutions could not," said Gary E. Weedman, the president of Johnson University.

Long-time president Dr. David Eubanks helped with the merger and will be serving as Chief Operating Officer at Johnson University, Florida.

"It's expanding our national exposure in another direction. We've helped keep a school alive, and thriving. That was doing a good work, and we feel like it's even going to grow and do a better work," said Eubanks.

Experts are estimating that the merger will attract up to 1300 students in the Johnson University system. Over 900 of the students belong to the Tennessee campus.

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