'Persona 5' Update: Gameplay, Character Codenames, And Shadow Recruitment [VIDEO]


Atlus revealed new details on the gameplay, character codes and shadow recruitment of the game "Persona 5". Details also include file size requiremens for consoles.  The new gameplay now offers more options and jobs for the protagonist.

The new game features for "Persona 5" has memory requirements so that the game can be played in consoles. The game would require at least 20 GB of hard disk drive memory for a PlayStation 4 console so that it would work via disk. For PlayStation3, at least 4.6 GB of hard disk drive memory. Additionally, "Persona 5" could reach up toa resolution of 720p, according to N4BB.

Atlus also revealed a new gameplay where the main character does several activities in the real world aside from the job in the Phantom Thieves. The protagonist can now get a job at cafes for extra currency income.

A video was released showing the protagonist in a Maid Cafe with Morgana. This place offers a job opportunity to the main character. In a second video, the main character can be seen in a bath house. However, if he stays there for too long, he will be exhausted by the heat.

Atlus also revealed the code names for each of the main characters in "Persona 5". The main protagonist will be code named 'Joker'. Yusuke Kitagawa will be  called 'Fox', Ryuji Sakamoto will be named 'Skull', Makoto Niijima will be 'Queen', Futuba Sakura will be' Navi', Morgana will be called 'Mona', Haru Okumura will be Noir, and Anne Takamaki will have Panther as codename.

There will also be new terrain problems inside the dungeon. Players can now get stuck along the way and will have to take cover, climb walls, or even walk across chandeliers. Additionally, players can now have a conversation with monsters that they encounter. Given the correct outcome, the monsters can be recruited as part of the protagonist's persona collection, Siliconera reported.


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