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Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date, Specs & Features: Upcoming Flagship Phone Will Carry The Exynos 8895 Processor [RUMORS]


While Samsung is currently concentrating on the release of its new top-tier smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, the company's upcoming next generation flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S8 has been making headlines online.

The much-awaited smartphone is rumored to come out packed with an array of exciting features and advanced specs in March next year. Although Samsung not yet confirmed the specifications officially, several sources have reported these couple of information.

Citing the release pattern of its precursors, it was speculated that the device will be launched in March 2017. Besides, taking into consideration that the last four Galaxy S models were unveiled between the months of March and April, it would be hardly surprising if the next from the S series makes an appearance sometime around the same period, Fabnews reported.

In addition to its release date, the report teased a slew of possible features which the S8 might come with.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly boast an enhanced security as it is said to feature an efficient eye scanning technology which registers the user's retina information in no time. Rapid charging is likely to be another feature the Galaxy S8 could come with as several mobile devices are now integrating the aforesaid feature. This would enable the device to fully charge itself in just 20 minutes.

The purported top-tier smartphone is likely to sport a 5.5-inch 4K UHD. According to a research firm, the Samsung Galaxy S8 showed off a 5.5-inch UHD 4K display with a pixel density of 806 ppi in a display trade show in California, Korea Herald reported.

In the wake of the VR technology being rapidly adapted, it is nearly imperative for smartphone manufacturers to merge the said technology with its display specifications in order to offer better VR playing experience with its consumers. As several manufacturers are now making their own VR headsets, the requirement to come up with a device featuring a high resolution may be in the offing.

In other news, the upcoming Galaxy S device is said to run on a Snapdragon 830 processor from Qualcomm, MNR reported.

However, if other rumors doing rounds are anything to go by, Samsung might go with the robust Exynos 8895.

Samsung has remained tight-lipped about the device's specs, features and other details; plus, the company has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

Moreover, the device is nearly a year away from its speculated release. Until Samsung either confirms or debunks them, take these rumors with a grain of salt as the S8 might undergo quite a few radical overhauls in the coming months.

Watch the video clip below for other details about the Samsung Galaxy S8:

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