'Aquaman' Movie: Villain's Origin And Abilities Revealed! [VIDEO]


DC Comics is planning to launch a standalone movie for Aquaman. Details of the film surfaced on the internet and his biggest enemy is revealed. Take a look on what this villain can do.

The famous Dothraki Khal in "Game of Thrones", Jason Momoa, will play the role of Aquaman in the coming "Justice League" movie and a standalone film which would be released in 2018. "Aquaman" standalone film has already its villain revealed and it would be Black Manta.  He was first revealed as the sea king's enemy in the #35 release of the "Aquaman" comic in September 1967. He is equipped with a suit that helps him withstand the pressure under the ocean as well as breathe underwater, The Wrap reported.

The back story of this villain is first described in the #6 of the 1993 Aquaman series. Black Manta, as a boy, was captured and was forced to work in a ship.  There was a point when the boy saw Aquaman and signaled for help. However, he was not seen and this made him hate the ocean and Aquaman (who is the ocean's representative).

In the most recent stories, however, Black Manta is described as a treasure hunter. When Black Manta was tasked to take a blood sample underwater, he encountered Aquaman and his father. The event led to the death of Aquaman's father. Upon seeking vengeance, Aquaman accidentally killed Black Manta's father which then led to the series of battle between the two. This new origin gave a Shakespearean touch to the story that makes it interesting, according to Outer Places.

Black Manta designed a wetsuit that can shoot laser from its eyes and is equipped with multiple weapons. He also has enhanced endurance and strength in addition to his brilliant mind and amazing technology. Also, he crafted a submersible that is inspired by the manta ray. He is also a master in martial arts and has exceptional swimming abilities.

Despite the negative reviews of "Batman v Superman" and "Suicide Squad", DC will continue making films until it stops generating revenues. 


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