Mars Mission: SpaceX Comes Two Steps Closer In Bringing Humans To The Red Planet [VIDEO]


SpaceX had announced that its ready to test out the rocket engine expected to be used for its mission to Mars.

The American aerospace manufacturer is expected to test out the rocket engines to be used to take humans to the Red Planet, The Mary Sue reported.

Aside from the constant storms ravaging the surface of the Red Planet, humankind still has to develop a habitat for humans to bring to the planet. But SpaceX is already set its plans to bring humans to Mars as early as 2024, which probes could be sent to the Mars' orbit in as early as 2018.

Recently, NASA had announced its plans to work with six American companies to develop a deep-space habitat that can house humans while scouring the far reaches of space.

SpaceX is reportedly ready to test its rocket engine, the "Raptor," which the American-based company CEO Elon Musk calculates that it has the ability to output 510,000 pounds of thrust at sea level.

Musk had revealed some technical information about SpaceX's operations in a Reddit AMA, where the chief operative answered questions posed by members.

Musk revealed that the "Raptor" is still relatively weak when compared to those engineered at NASA, but the CEO claimed that it the company is at where it intends to be. The rocket to be tested will be fitted to the shuttle that would propel humans to Mars.

The "Raptor" rocket engine had been rated to have a low thrust level, but the engineers at SpaceX is confident that the entire shuttle structure would be able to fit enough engines for the mission.

It is yet to be revealed what types of tests that SpaceX would conduct, but rest assured, the rockets have already been shipped, Engadget reported.

SpaceX is also set to launch the Falcon 9 on Sunday, which would drop off a satellite into Earth's orbit before returning to complete a launch and land test, as well. The vessel is expected to conduct another sea-based landing.

See the video below to see previous rocket thrust tests conducted by SpaceX on its other rocket engines.

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