Adblock Plus Releases Workaround Against Facebook Restriction, Here's How


Facebook and ad blockers war is heating up once again with the news that Adblock Plus has found a workaround to unrestrict itself from the social network. Adblock Plus revealed that Facebook users only needs to update Adblock Plus filters in order to get rid of the ads once again.

Previously, Facebook rolled out its latest ad preferences control that disables ad blocking softwares including AdBlock. AdBlock, a popular ad blocking software that many tech web users use to clear ad noise on the internet, claims that Facebook is taking a dark path against user choice.

AdBlock said that Facebook agrees that its users have good reasons for using ad blocking softwares. However, they still decided to take the power from users to choose what they want to block themselves, Engadget reported.

Facebook claims that controlling the quality of ads and not the quantity should be a better solution to internet ad problems. In a Facebook blog post, it has been stated that ads are useful if they are relevant and well made. These ads could help users find new products and services and introduce the community to new experiences.

Since not all ads work that way, many people started to avoid certain websites, apps and bad ads by using ad blocking softwares. Because of this, Facebook revealed that the new changes to its ad formats and control options would dismiss the need for ad blocking softwares. Instead of paying ad blocking software, Facebook will put the power to users with its updated ad preferences and other advertising controls.

Facebook has designed its ad formats, ad performance and controls to address the underlying causes why users turn to the use of ad blocking. The company explained that ad blocking reduces the funding needed to support journalism and other free services that users could enjoy on the web, Tech Crunch reported.

When Facebook surveyed users about why they use ad blocking softwares, it was found that the primary reason was to stop annoying and disruptive ads. So, Facebook will be offering more powerful controls and will be starting to show ads on Facebook desktop for people who currently use ad blocking softwares.

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