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Rio Olympics 2016 Basketball Latest Update: Team USA Turn the Tides to 98 vs 88, Defeated Australia in Men's Basketball


In the Rio Olympics 2016 Basketball courts, Team USA has everyone's attention as revered NBA stars in the team garner a lot of attention. However in todays game between Australia and USA, a lot were put on the edge of their seats as Australia reckoned the NBA Star studded Team USA with a 54- 49 lead in the first half of the game. Analysts were quick to point out where Team USA needed to improve as Australia was fierce to maintain the lead.

However, tides turned in the second half of the game, as regular USA flag bearer in the Olympics, Carmelo Anthony proved to be worthy of all the praises and expectations pre-empted of him in his performance in thr Rio Olympics 2016 Basketball arena.

Carmelo Anthony led pack USA with 31 points to boot, while Owen scored 19 points as well paving the way to catapult Team USA to a tight and exciting win. Kevin Durant being true to his form, scored an additional 2 free throws. The game came to a conclusion with Team USA outscoring Australia to a 98-88 victory. Much has been heard from spectators contemplating that the 10 point advantage may be a crucial tell-tale sign that Team USA may need to step up their game some more to ensure the grip on the gold.

Australia had great praises as well for breaking through against USA in the first half. Team Australia garnerned 88 points owing to the great performances of Mills who scored 30 points, Andrew Bogut with 15 points and 3 assists, Matthes Dellavedova with 11 assists and 6 rebounds while David Anderson racked up 13 points and 5 rebounds.

Once again, Carmelo Anthony, being an Olympic veteran having played for Team USA four times has this to say in a report from USA Today:

"I can tell you, I wasn't thinking about (the loss to Argentina in) 2004 man," Anthony said. "I was out there playing tonight. That experience - it is what it is. We accepted it. We know that feeling, and we don't want to experience that feeling anymore.

"Being in those types of games, and taking advantage of different possessions, and understanding the difference of the game - time and score - and making plays."

NBA training and experience may have prevailed once again. However, in the game against Australia, the lead in the first half has everyone questioning, "Will USA be able to hold on the Gold?".“

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