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Breaking News: Australia leading USA 54 vs 49 in the First Half of Olympic Men Basketball Game, can USA stretch the Limite and Conquer the Game?


Australia may just have the chance to bag this game agains USA. Australian hoopers lead the game 54 vs 49 in the first half of one of the tightest Olympic Men Basketball game to date in Rio.

Team USA may need to gain more momentum and pace up outside shooting as Australia is into a running game. The All-Star NBA packed team USA may need to utilize the shooting precisions of its pride international baskketball star and Olympics title holder Carmelo Anthony.

Kevin Durant on the other hand may need to step up his game as well. All are on eyes on the stars of Team USA as Australian Hoopers are gaining the pride to boot! Demar Derozan dubbed as the "All-Time Franchise Player" needs to get into his long shots as well.

Team USA may have to reckon with these facts in consideration of bagging this game from the Aussies. Australia beat New Zealand for twice and enter the medal round as the representative of Oceania for the first time since 2004.  Australian team defeated French team at 87-66 in the last game.  Team USA defeated team Venezuelans in 113-69 in the last game. 

Regain momentum, power forward of Team USA to step up and defense and rebounds may need to be upscaled for Team USA to take up lead in the second half. Australia is solid in their hold on the basketball courst and Team USA may need to mesh in all the hails of the NBA stars and get the groove back on. 

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