Don't Ignore Tooth Infection, It could Lead to Other Chronic Diseases: Study

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Researchers at the University of Helsinki claimed that infection on your tooth can increase the risk of heart disease.

Dental infection located on the root tip is a common problem but sometimes it is symptomless and might only be detected by X-rays. The team examined patients whose dental infections were left untreated. The study found that they have acute coronary syndrome 2.7 times more common than of those without the problem, UPI reported.

The dental infection study examined 500 Finnish patients

Scientists examined each patient's coronary arteries conditions. It found that 36 percent of them suffered from a coronary artery disease whilst 33 percent of them experienced acute coronary syndrome. The team examined all of the participants' teeth conditions using the panoramic tomography; they found that 58 percent of them suffered from inflammatory injury. Previously, an article from Dr. Mercola, also explains how bacteria can migrate to other areas in the body such as to arterial plaques.

Furthermore, the scientists also found that the root tip infections are related to other health problems. The infection is linked to high level of antibody serum and this could mean that the dental infection does affect the other body parts, too.

Mouth is the window to the body and it could signal symptoms of health disorder. It also has impacts on a person's health when the bacteria causes infection and disrupts immune system, Dental Health reported.

Cardiovascular disease contributes to 30 percent of global deaths. It can be prevented by switching to healthier lifestyle. Although it still needs further research to find out if root canal treatment can reduce heart disease risk, researchers still recommend the procedure anyway. It is necessary to identifying the dental infection symptoms and seek treatment immediately to reduce risk of heart disease, as scientists suggest

The study is published in Journal of Dental Research.

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