McDonald's McNugget Worldwide will be 'More Chicken' and 'Less Artificial'; A Healthier Junk Food?


McDonald's is seriously trying to change the junk food image by rolling out new Chicken McNugget recipe.

Back in May, the largest fast-food chain just announced its plan to make healthier meals. The Chicken McNugget will be made with no artificial preservatives or colors. This means that McDonald's could eliminate some items among its 40 ingredients to make a single McNugget. Certainly, this will involve ditching out the preservatives. The company is also planning to use only chicken that are free from antibiotics, The Atlantic wrote.

Many people are concerned about the quality of foods they digest. And processed foods have long been known for its unhealthy ingredients. However, McDonald's spokesperson, Becca Harry explained that 'parents can feel good' with this simpler recipe and not to worry since McNuggets will have 'the same great taste they know'.

Since March, the fast food chain has been disributing the new McNugget in 140 restaurants in Washington. McDonald's hopes to make it ready worldwide before Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics.

Last year, McDonald's have also announced its plan to obtain only cage-free eggs in its 16,000 restaurants in US and Canada in the near future. Bloomberg noted that the cheeseburger seller has also switched its iceberg lettuce to more nutritious veggies like kale and spinach.

Does this make McNugget, a healthier junk food option?

The change is considered meaningful especially to McNugget mania but Michael Jacobson, researcher from Center for Science in the Public Interest said that it does not solve the problem with restaurant food. Jacobson said that idea to swap high-fructose corn syrup for sugar does not make food any healthier, Newser reported.

With McDonald's move to make McNugget free from phosphates, calcium lactate and other artificial ingredients; people expect it to still have the same delicious taste as before.

Have you tried the new McDonald's Chicken McNugget?

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