Cockroach Milk May Be The Next Hottest Superfood, Scientists Claim It Could Be A Healthy Alternative


A group of scientists from the Institute of Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine in Bengaluru, India have recently discovered that a particular species of cockroach harbors a certain type of milk protein crystal that can be a substitute source of protein.

The institute, also known as inStem, had discovered that milk protein crystals found in the organs of a species of cockroach namely, Diploptera punctata, contain significant amount of protein, which can directly serve as a type of food supplement, The Times Of India reported.

The particular species of cockroach is the only one known to give birth to live offspring, wherein the vast majority of its species lay eggs.

The milk protein crystals found in the cockroach was discovered to contain significant amounts of protein, which may very well be developed into a food supplement. The team of scientists claim that a single crystal contain about three times more calories compared to an equivalent volume of buffalo milk, according to TIME.

Buffalo's milk was chosen as a comparative sample as it previously ranked as the highest source of calories from a dairy product. The new breakthrough somewhat puts the shade on the recent debate over the environmental effects, as well as health benefits one can get from dairy, and almond milk.

Although cockroach milk shows a promising potential to be used as a food supplement, it may not replace the staple anytime soon, besides the stigma commonly associated with cockroaches.

Sanchari Banerjee, a co-author of the research, stated that the milk crystals found in the cockroach can be likened to a "complete food," or can be categorized simply as a superfood. The substance contains proteins, sugars, as well as fats, which could serve well as a food supplement, The Washington Post reported.

It may be said that it's quite a far-fetched idea, but the team are adamant that it could help with the world's food supply accommodation.

The production of cockroach milk still has a long way to go as the research is still relatively in its infancy, added to that is the natural habitat of the particular species of cockroach, which can only be found along Asia's Pacific region.

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