'The Plantation' University of Colorado Black Students Athletes Training Facility, Believe Their Efforts Are For Whites


"The plantation", that is how the black student-athletes of the University of Colorado refer to Dal Ward Athletic Center. The statement was released by Phil DiStefano, the university chancellor on Wednesday in the CU's Board of Regents meeting.

Black students believe that their efforts are paying off for the white students to play golf and tennis. They believe that it's only their athletic contributions that the athletic centers are caring about and not them.

This idea came from a campus climate survey result showing that black athletes do not feel the campus' support and value for them. Some of them even feel that their situation is somewhat similar to the condition of slaves who work hard for a plantation and not enjoying the benefit of their labor for their masters are the ones taking pleasure in their harvest.

Finding out the existence of the said idea for the first brought the distress to the University of Colorado regents. The news even spread throughout the Colorado.

The athletic department, on the other hand, responded that the nickname "The Plantation" has long been used over the complex though it had not been mentioned in the place for some time now.

However, DiStefano explained that his uncovering of this "Plantation" idea is not to make anyone feel uncomfortable but for it to be addressed and dealt with properly in order to achieve the inclusive environment they are eyeing for, The Washington Times reported.

On the other hand, Dr. John Thelin, professor of Higher Education and Public Policy from the University of Kentucky responded on the "Plantation" issue through an email by citing that the Title IX regulations include equality even in sports opportunities given to both men and women.

He also said that if the University of Colorado's athletic programs will be proven to have deprived students of equal opportunity then they will have to face a major Title IX violation lawsuit, The College Fix reported. 

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