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'Pokemon Go' Tips And Cheats: Here's How To Get Great Balls, Ultra Balls And Master Balls!


"Pokemon Go" tips and cheats are now easily accessible online as the popular augmented reality game hits the shelves in more and more countries. Its no secret that a player needs to capture a lot of Pokemon to be a true Pokemon master. After all, the idea is basically to "catch 'em all."

In addition to the regular Pokeball, there are three balls that every "Pokemon Go" player must have to stand a chance of capturing powerful Pokemon; these are: Great Balls, Ultra Balls and Master Balls.

These high-tier Pokeballs are not accessible immediately after a beginner start playing "Pokemon Go." The balls are not up for grabs in the "Pokemon Go" store as well.

Actually, quite a few items are made available to a player only after he reaches a certain level. Besides, there are very thin chances of players bumping into a Pokemon that is so powerful that it will require high-tier balls, Yibada reported.

By the time a player reaches Level 20 in the game, he should have access to Poke Balls, Great Balls and Ultra Balls that enable him to capture Pokemon.

A player receives about 20 Great Balls one he reaches level 12 of the game. Also, upon reaching level 12, these balls will also be accessible to a player via PokeStops. Contrary to this, Ultra Balls can only be accessed on reaching a level 20, MorningLedger reported.

As far as Master Balls are concerned, players will be able to access them at a still higher (unknown) level.

It is recommended that players use as much Lucky Eggs as possible as they double the experience and enable players to level up faster.

Regular Pokeballs can be paired with Razz Berries to spawn Great Balls to catch Pokemon with higher CP. Ultra and Master Balls on the other hand, can be used to capture rare and legendary Pokemons.

"Pokemon Go" players can look forward to the upcoming special events hosted by Nintendo and Niantic for opportunities to earn big rewards such as Master Balls, and perhaps Great Balls and Ultra Balls in addition to an array of other rewards.

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