Comic-Con 2016 Preview: Movie Studios Backing Out; Event Not As Effective As Before?


Comic-con is not very loud this year. Is the event not appealing to the movie studios anymore?

While having its remarkable success of almost every year before gathering countless of audiences and movie studios from time to time, this year's Comic-con is not as loud as usual. As the event buzzes off this upcoming Thursday, only the two major movie studios will be hosting the traditional Hall H performances in Marvel Studios and Warner Bros. While those other ones, such as the Paramount, chose San Diego to hold their world premiere of Star Trek Beyond, or if not they're staying away. With these few numbers of participating movie studios, they might finally had their own fill of the usual Comic-Con this year. And if their movie works without attending to the annual event, perhaps they will never come back, USA Today reported

Before it was known as what it is today, the event was called Minicon back then. It first started in 1970 with 145 attendees for the initial social gathering. And as decades past, it grew gradually where it focuses largely on their comic and genre fans in which they called as their hardcore base.

Upon all those years, Comic-con had already presented significant development. From having only 145 attendees on the very first meeting in 1970, it has increased up to 50,000 people last 2001. While those days in the past, you could land a ticket on the day of the show compared to now where the event just sells it online for a limited time. Movie studios quickly realized that the convention was a great ideal site for promoting their films that offers the same audiences from the event's hardcore base. By this realization, relationships were formed between studios and the event. In which the footage that filmmakers brought up hype the fans and gave Comic-con a geek aura from its standard ground zero, The Verge reported.

With all the major movie studios backing out from their post in the comic-con this year, results are still dependable. And if one of those movies at the convention this year will emerge as a blockbuster hit, it will be an exceptional example of the effectiveness of attending in the Comic-con and worthy to be part of. 


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