'One Punch Man Season 2' spoilers: Rumored to have more than 12 episodes, Saitama to face three villains? [VIDEO]


The highly anticipated season 2 of the action-packed anime hit series "One Punch Man" is rumored to have more than 12 episodes. Not only that, rumor has it that Saitama will face three villains - who are they?

Who are the three villains?

Fans inside the anime community circle are excited for the comeback of the naturally-hilarious protagonist Saitama and his breathtaking fighting scenes with the three villains - Garou, Lord Baros and Amai Mask.

According to resources, Silver Fang was the one who trained Garou using "Water Steam Rock" but unfortunately kicked out due to his knowledge on different styles of martial arts. Lord Boros who was dubbed as the master of the Dark Matter Thieves will have a comeback in season 2 for retribution.  The interesting character of Amai Mask will come into life in this season. Working as an actor and a singer, Amai Mask is the highest ranked hero in the A-class. He has this principle that heroes should become models on many generations. However, a rumored twist of the story will reveal the dark side of his character.

Release Date

According to Christian Time, "Yasuke Murata, the creator of 'One Punch Man' has been working double time in order for the second installment to be available on small screen on time." The same source said, "One Punch Man 2 is ready to return by October."

Although the possible release date is yet to be announced, speculations from several reports said, "One Punch Man Season 2 will depend on the English Dub version's success in the ratings". Hence, most of the fans are still waiting for the information from the Anime Expo 2016 event.

Originally known as a Japanese web comic series, the digital series of the "One Punch Man" was considered as remake which is illustrated by Yasuke Murata.

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