'Wonder Woman' Spoilers: Director Reveals Details, Wants the Film Straightforward & Not Complex?[VIDEO]

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Patty Jenkins expressed her firm intention of helming the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film. You could think that "Wonder Woman" spoilers would fill here sentiments, but it was filled with revelations about how she came about to heading the anticipated DC film. She said that it was after she directed the critically-acclaimed film, Monster that she wanted to do a superhero movie. Although things look ironed-out now, it was not always that simple.

As what was usually the case with Hollywood, delays will always be present. Jenkins was handed the script for "Wonder Woman" way back in 2005, but she was pregnant with her son, and she does not plan to choose work over her pregnancy, Entertainment Weekly reported.

During her time-off from the" Wonder Woman" project, she transitioned to television, and helmed well-received shows such as The Killing, Entourage and Arrested Development. There was a time that people assumed that he would delve into small indie films, and with her movie, Monster, the assumption turned out to be true, and ended up with actress Charlize Theron winning an Oscar for it. Afterwards, Jenkins would dive into something much bigger.

In 2006, Jenkins was brought back to her superhero movie endeavor in the form of an offer by Marvel to direct "Thor 2," and would have made her the first woman to helm one of Marvel's major tent pole movies. She later left the project and cited creative differences as her reason for leaving, according to Screen Rant.

Even with her past relationship with Marvel, Jenkins was still a major contender to direct Warner Bros. and DC's "Wonder Woman" movie, but Warner Bros. chose Game of Thrones alum Michelle MacLaren, well-known for her hand at the hit show Breaking Bad, to oversee the "Wonder Woman" film. However, MacLaren's involvement with the project would cease after six month, citing the very same reason why Jenkins left Thor 2. In April, Patti Jenkins was brought on to continue the project, but she gave little to no information on how this deal was made.

In an article ran by EW, Jenkins shared that her original idea for "Wonder Woman" was telling a straight-forward origin story, with a budding romance between Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Steven Trevor (Chris Pine). And it turns out that she, Warner Bros. and DC share the same concept of what the film should be.

Jenkins is now in post-production for the upcoming "Wonder Woman" film that will be a part of the just recently started DC Extended Universe.

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