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'Overwatch' Update: Blizzard Named Their New DLC Character


Blizzard Entertainment finally named their first post-release new hero for the "Overwatch" game.

After the game was launched, Blizzard has made some series of teaser for their new post-launched DLC character for "Overwatch". Blizzard knows that bringing some new information excites their fans which is quite good in moving forward. After it was being teased multiple times which generates more thrill to whom is this new addition to the team, Blizzard finally break the ice and revealed their new character in Ana, Pharah's mother.

Despite of Ana often being featured prominently in art and videos as part of the original cast, most of the fans didn't expect her to be the new DLC character. Possibly, this relates to the incident that happened before where it was assumed that Ana is dead for being an MIA for a long time since that battle where she lost her eye. But now she's back for action after putting herself to exile in repentance for her actions towards her unwillingness to kill Widomaker which has cost the several lives of her team members, Gamerant reported

Ana will be a support heroin "Overwatch" that uses her Biotic Rifle as primary weapon. Her sniper rifle is armed with darts both healing her allies and dealing direct damage to her enemies. She is also armed with Biotic Grenade that comes with the same function like her grenade but this time in a small AoE. This Biotic grenade increases the healing effect to her allies and blocks her enemies from the healing for a short period of time and a sleeping dart that will put enemies to sleep for a brief period.

Her ultimate skill is called the Nano Boost that grants speed boost to an ally and gives them bonus attack damage and defense. Ana is not a stranger anymore to the players of overwatch as she was often mention by her daughter, and also a playable character, Pharah. She also had a good relationship with the other "Overwatch" old-timers such as Jack "Soldier: 76" Morrison and Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes. Ana will be an exciting player to watch based on her backstory and players are thrilled to see and learn more about her relationship to her rival sniper Widomaker and the rest of the cast, Polygon reported.

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