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'Doctor Who' Season 10 Spoilers: 'The Royale Family' Ralf Little, 'Tut' Kaizer Akhtar, 'The Sarah Jane Adventures' Mina Anwar New Cast Members; Peter Capaldi Bye-Bye?


"Doctor Who" Season 10 will feature the Time Lord, as well as three new characters for the season. Reportedly, the season is the last for Peter Capaldi as the doctor.

"Doctor Who" Season 10 fans of the show are excited about the casting details for the season. Luckily, it has been confirmed that three new characters will be added to the show, and based on character names, it is most likely that all three characters are related to each other, Den of Geek reported.

In "Doctor Who" Season 10, one of the three new characters is Praiseworthy. He will be played by Kaizer Akhtar who appeared in series "Tut" and the "The Honourable Woman."  

"The Royale Family" actor Ralf Little, who also starred in the movie "Two Pints of Lager and a Pack of Crisps"will also be playing a new character in the "Doctor Who" Season 10. He will be Steadfast. Last of the three new characters is Mina Anwar, who is known to play Gita from "The Sarah Jane Adventures." She will play the character, Goodthing.

Meanwhile, "Doctor Who" Season 10 rumors are spreading that this will be Capaldi's last as the doctor. Supposedly, the Time Lord is currently experiencing health issues which could hinder him from being The Doctor.

The "Doctor Who" creative team has not made any confirmations regarding the issues, but reportedly Capaldi's exit will benefit the show.

Reports of Capaldi's exit also ignite rumors that BBC will let Chris Chibnall make calls after Steven Moffat, the creator of the remake, had exited from the show, Australian Network News reported. If Capaldi does not return following the season finale, the next season will allow Chibnall to choose the new 13th Doctor and give his own twist to the Time Lord.

"Doctor Who" Season 10 is expected to launch its first episode by early 2017. Watch the "Doctor Who" Season 9 Trailer.

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