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'System Shock' Achieved Fundraising Goal Confirms Mac, Linux PC Versions? Kickstarter Campaign in 2017 Promises New Graphics, Controls


"System Shock" already reached its fundraising goal $900,000, which means that versions of the game for Mac and Linux PCs will be developed. "System Shock" has a Kickstarter page which laid its plans for updated music, art, controls and a brand new voiceover of the original voice of the villain, Shodan.

The "System Shock" team behind the remastered version launched a crowdfunding campaign that amounted to $900,00 for the project. Night Studios re-released the original version of "System Shock" last year and fulfilled its promise to totally amplify the version

"System Shock" recently added a $100 funding tier and an art book of the series as a premium for backing at that level. The more than 2,000 backers who pledged at levels above $100 will be given the book retroactively if a stretch funding goal is met.

 "System Shock" is described by many as a "faithful reboot" of the original game. Night Drive explained that they believe modern graphics can bring a sense of isolation and dear that the original design could not do it, Polygon reported.

A few days are left for the "System Shock" game's Kickstarter campaign, which promises that the game will be delivered by the end of 2017. Night Drive Studios, who acquired the franchise last year, are working on adding the Windows PC and Xbox One version.

 "System Shock" Kickstarter contains a demo proving the concept that nearly mimics the opening section of the game, but with new graphics and controls. The earworm techno soundtrack and neon tones are gone, but reportedly does not feel contemporary to players.

The "System Shock" Kickstarter's 1994 austere corridors have naturalistic features and environmental effects; leaving players believing that if the version is done poorly, it would end up lame. However, when they live up to the promise, the game would be considered timeless. This Kickstarter page is set to release in December 2017, Kickstarter official website reported.

"System Shock" remake edition is set on Citadel Station, which is a research base far away. Its artificial intelligence system of the base attained a sense of self-awareness calling herself a god. This storyline is not related to the upcoming "System Shock 3" that is being developed by a different studio. Watch the gameplay here:

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