‘Tobacco Ban’: Michigan State University Campus Rises Up To Take A Stand


Michigan State University rises up to take a stand against the use of tobacco in the whole of their campus.

The ban covers all tobacco materials such as cigarettes and chewable tobacco prohibiting the use of the mentioned substance in MSU buildings, lawns sidewalks as well as inside private cars entering the university premise.

Dr. David Weismantel, Michigan State University physician said that this step is to uphold public health with the aim to promote the existence of the healthiest environment possible and enlighten public about the dangers of tobacco use.

Jason Cody, MSU spokesman clarified that the MSU tobacco use ban does not necessarily mean that tobacco users will have to quit. It only requires them to make arrangements with the place of their smoking, Petoskey News reported.

Students caught smoking or consuming tobacco products inside the MSU will be given written warning to a suspension. Employees on the other hand will be dealt with by the university's human resource department.

MSU Police Department, labouring hand in hand with MSU in implementing the tobacco ban will issue a sanction for people who continue to smoke within the prohibited area. A civil infraction ticket will be issued to the violator amounting to $150 on first offense.

Among the Big Ten, Michigan State University is the last one to implement the tobacco ban on its residence halls.

MSU believes that they have done the preparations needed for the implementation of the tobacco ban as the campus is filled again on August. They have already prepared letters to be sent to incoming freshmen about the ban as they arrive on the school opening.

Buildings and lawns have already been planted with signs informing and reminding everyone about the scope and range of the tobacco ban.

There might be different reactions arising after the implementation of the tobacco ban, as MSU also has enrolees from countries where smoking is not a big deal, but the MSU administration believes that rising up to take this step can help others to acquire healthy behaviours, Detroit Free Press reported.

This video tells more of the students' reactions on tobacco ban implementation.

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