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Microsoft DNA Storage: A Breakthrough In Data Storage Technology: Ok Go Music Video And More Than 100 Books Stored


Microsoft has just announced their most recent breakthrough in data storage.

Microsoft takes data storage to the next level by creating DNA storage to break the worries of limited readability and intact time of data stored in HDDs and Blu-Ray discs.

By storing more than 100 books and a music video in a DNA strand, Microsoft opened the possibility of storing huge amount of data on a storage space smaller than a tip of a pencil.

Microsoft used various forms of materials to archive and made a total amount of 200MB data to store in a synthetic DNA strand.

The archived materials included a music video entitled "This Shall Come to Pass" from the group Ok Go. Microsoft has chosen the said band because they are using Rube Goldberg inspiration as their machinery.

Rude Goldberg inspiration means that the team must go through an intense disciplinary method in order to complete a task. The same type of discipline is used in molecular biology in order to come up with better innovations.

The reported more than 100 books archived included the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with more than 100 language translations, the top 100 public domain books by Project Guttenberg as well as Crop Trust's global seed database, The TechTimes reported.

The DNA data writing involved the translation of data from 1s to 0s into letters of nucleotide bases of four basic DNA strand, translating the letters into molecules and returning them back.

The most interesting part on this project is that it does not just maximize the storage but it breaks the storage life spans of HDDs that can store data at a maximum of 10 years, magnetic tapes that can last up to 20 years and even the Blu-Ray disc that is expected last at 100 years the most.

Microsoft DNA storage is expected to keep data 10 times longer at 1,000 to 10,000 years storage life span capacity ensuring that the readability of the data remains at the same quality, Science World reported.

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