You’re Sarcastic? That's Good! Science Confirms The Benefits of Sarcasm


Sarcasm, the most common form of verbal irony, is making you more creative.

Sarcasm actually has many benefits according to the study. A joint research conducted by Columbia University and Harvard University found that participants who express sarcasm or react to sarcasm were more creative than of those in the counterpart group.

Researchers experimented with sarcastic conversations and found that after sarcastic exchange, the creativity is enhanced.

Harvard University tweeted the research on the benefits of sarcasm despite its nasty reputation - encouraging followers to 'go ahead be sarcastic'.


Sarcastic expressions and abstract thinking

Abstract thinking is related to imagination and creativity. Sarcasm can activate abstract thinking which leads to greater creativity. The participants who engaged in sarcastic conversation are said to have an improved cognitive function on both recipient and the commenter. Furthermore, researcher also found creativity boost when the recipients replied on sarcastic comment given to them.

Sarcasm boosts creativity. How?

Sarcastic comments mean the opposite of the actual message and often made to condemn. For our brain to understand sarcastic expressions, it must think creatively to understand the contradiction. This process actually triggers abstraction thinking, Scientific American reported.

Sarcastic expression is easily interpreted as negative comment that can hurt someone's feeling. It can also put relationship at risk. Thus, researchers suggest to 'better used between people who have a trusting relationship'. It is important to keep sarcastic conversations limited with your inner circle as not all people can accept the irreverent sense of humor.

The study also describes sarcasm as the highest form of intelligence. Although it often sparks a conflict but the effect plays a huge role in boosting creativity. Furthermore, researchers hope that this study could help individuals at workplace to take a look at sarcasm in a different point of view instead of fully discouraging it.

What do you think of sarcasm at workplace?

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