U.S. Army War College Colonel Charged With 130 Child Pornography Counts


Robert Rice, a 55-year-old U.S. Army War College Colonel has been arrested, last month, on a total of 130 child pornography counts. Rice is accused of possessing around 30,000 child porn images displaying children engaged in sexual acts on his personal laptop computer.

 In addition to the child pornography allegations, he has been charged with a single count of criminal use of a communications facility. Rice will face the criminal charges in Cumberland County court, July 25.

Marilyn Rice, the wife of the Army Colonel, filed the complaint with the police abd asked her husband to leave their Silver Spring Township home after she noticed child porn pictures in her husband's laptop, in late January. Earlier, Marilyn installed Specter Pro monitoring software on his computer to record his internet browsing before leaving for a four-day trip to Florida after he vowed to end it.

Apart from the images, there were ads that were placed on CraigsList in look out for a male sexual partner. When Marilyn confronted her husband on child porn photos; he said that he was sorry for his acts and that he requires help.

Marilyn argued that Rice was obsessed with pornography one month after they got married about 10 years ago. This time around, when Marilyn once again discovered child porn photos, she wanted to exit from her marriage.

Defense Attorney Joseph Caraciolo rubbishes these allegations saying that his client is being set up by his wife and using it as an influence in a divorce settlement.

"Our timeline is that on January 29 or prior to that, she added this program to the computer to set him up. She maybe even done the CraigsList ads, we're not sure. She then approached him to try to get a financial benefit out of this. When that didn't go her way, she went to police," Caraciolo said.

Caraciolo further said that two people had access to that computer and the software captures the screenshots of what is being accessed by the computer, but it does not reveal who is actually using the computer.

"We feel very confident that the evidence we have uncovered points to the defendant as the person who accessed those images," Freed said. "This is not the first criminal defendant, nor will it be the last to claim a frame job."," District Attorney Dave Freed said.

The colonel promised not to use the internet as part of bail conditions, but is allowed to use a military computer, as he is still working at the U.S. Army War College.

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