Genetic Factors Affects Academic Performance Greatly, Research Suggests


A research showed that student's academic performance was greatly influenced by their genetic structure.

The results of the research were interpreted by some to mean that there is nothing to be done to students who have poor academic performance. Some m ay also think that efforts and money spent on these students are pointless.

However, this is just a misconception. Genes does not show destiny and was never the whole story. Environmental factors play great roles in increasing the academic level of achievements in students. Even with cases where genetic factors generate difficulties, remediation can help, Quartz reported.

Researchers estimate the effect of genes in the academic field by using the twin method. This method compares the genetic structures of twins - identical and non-identical.  The identical twins share the same genetic structure while non-identical shares only half. With the twins having the same home and school, the scientists are able to measure their academic performance and calculate the difference.

Also, the researchers can determine the effect between genders because non-identical twins can also be of opposite sex.

The studies were conducted with twins worldwide. The research also stressed out the core areas of numeracy and literacy.

Research on twin children parses the environmental factors such as illnesses and having separate teachers.

The studies conclude that academic weaknesses are caused most likely by environmental factors instead of the genetic factors.

Research findings, however, added an evidence that school performance can be affected greatly by genetic factors. There is about 60% of the total differences measured in students' academic performance results that can be explained by genetic differences, The Guardian reported.

Robert Plomin, one of the authors in a journal in Scientific Reports, said that if genes are specified in the future, students can be screened to help target those that have academic weaknesses and can be focused upon.

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