7 Ways To Stop Underarm Odor; Hacks To Ensure You Never Fail The Sniff Test!


Smelling good might seem quite challenging sometimes, especially in regions where the weather switches from hot and humid to raining and coming down in buckets in just a span of few hours.

There are days when ideally stink-free ladies may want to get their hands on a deodorant and that's quite understandable as failing the sniff test could be very embarrassing whether it happens while you're hanging out with your friends, enjoying rooftop drinks, or just moving rhythmically to music at an outdoor wedding.

That being said, smelling good is directly related to good hygiene and health. Listed below are a few hacks on the art of smelling good:

The Right Time To Swipe

According to dermatologist Lauren Eckert Ploch, M.D., who is also a spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology, those using an antiperspirant, should opt to applying it at night. An antiperspirant basically blocks sweat as well as odor using aluminium that obstructs your sweat glands; thus swiping it while you're not covered in sweat (ideally evening), gives those sweat ducts enough time to sponge up the effects.

You can Swipe again in the morning after shower for that extra effect.

Swipe After Drying

Many of us hardly dab ourselves with a towel before applying a stink-blocker and slipping into our clothes. Ideally, its a good practice to wait about 15 minutes after taking a shower before applying an antiperspirant, Ploch noted.

But in today's fast-paced life, this may not sound feasible to many - in situations when you're running late, simply use a blow-dryer for ten seconds to expedite drying process before rolling on antiperspirant, WomensHealthMag reported.

Use Benzoyl Peroxide

Fact: It's not your sweat that smell, the bacteria on your skin does.

According to Ploch, using antibacterial agents can considerably reduce bacteria on our skin, and help you smell better. Ploch recommends using a benzoyl peroxide body wash just in case you want to be extra careful.

Here's a word of wisdom from Ploch: Benzoyl peroxide body wash can dry your skin and even bleach fabrics, so it is recommended to use over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide cleanser in concentrations that is well below 10 percent.

Go For The 20 Percent Stuff

Ever came across a clinical strength protection deodorant at the drugstore before? This may just be the right time to try them. These bad boys are augmented with 20 percent aluminium that gives them an extra boost that lasts long.

The Hand Sanitizer Hack

In situations when you do not have antiperspirants handy, swiping a small amount of hand sanitizer under your arms can do the trick, but this is only a short-term solution, so get your hands on some deodorant before the effect fades off, Ploch said.

A little hand sanitizer can go a long way as compared to cologne as it actually kills the bacteria, unlike colognes, that simply mask the smell, according to a post on TheFitChickProject Facebook page.

Replacing an antiperspirant with a hand sanitizer may not be the best idea if you've recently waxed or shaved your pits.

A Little Booze Is A Good Temporary Substitute For An Antiperspirant

If you need a hasty remedy to smelling pits while at the bar, just splash some of your vodka on the rocks on to your underarm - Do not use vodka with any other mixer except lemon or your armpits will be a sticky mess.

Try A New Brand

Deodorant immunity may not be a thing, however some of the brands or scents just don't work on few individuals - responsible factors could be hormones, chemistry et cetera - the body can act really strange once in a while. In case you realize your old stick isn't really helping keep the stink at bay, its time to try out a new brand, or maybe fragrance and see if that works for you.

When you smell good, it not only boosts your confidence level, but also makes you more attractive, ListAKA reported.

Smelling good is no rocket science, with just a few extra measures, you can making sure that you never fail the sniff test again.

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