Kansas Votes To Boycott Barack Obama's Bathroom Policy

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The Kansas State Board of Education voted unanimously to boycott Barack Obama's bathroom policy.

On Tuesday, June 13, the Kansas State Board of Education led by Scott Gordon, voted unanimously to ignore Obama's bathroom policy. Aside from Kansas, Mississippi also joined the states' suit against the new policy to be implemented to public schools. According to Gov. Phil Bryant, Mississipi will join the 11 states that filed  a lawsuit against Obama's policy on Wednesday, May 25. 

Under this policy, transgender students should be able to use bathroom based to what gender they identify as, Daily Caller reported. Texas is leading the lawsuit and governors of Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Maine, Arizona, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Utah united to junk the policy. 

Since Kansas voted to reject the new policy, the state could lose $479 million in federal aid, however, if no student complains about gender discrimination, there would not be an issue and the state would not lost funding, according to the board president Gordon. In 2015, there was one transgender student complained about gender discrimination. Gordon told Associated Press that the student filed a complaint for alleged discrimination with the Office of Civil Rights.

On Friday, June 17, Republican U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp sent letters to school leaders in Western and Central Kansas, urging them to ignore the guidelines, although they know there is a  threat of losing federal funding. State GOP leaders have called the decree an encroachment on local control, and earlier this month, Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt announced this that the state will sue the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education, which issued the decree.  

Meanwhile,  in Washington, many parents were shocked after learning the new set of health education. According to Peter Hasson, contributor writer of Daily Caller, "Self-Identity," one of the components that will be soon introduced to kids,will teach kindergarten about the many ways to express gender.   

After Hasson published his article, many citezens and Washington expressed outrage on social media.

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