Orlando Shooting Incident; Gun Issue in America: California's Gun Violence Research Center Can Help Evaluating Gun Control Policies


The Orlando shooting incident is only one of the many gun issues in America. Gun violence has been a huge problem in the country and this is why UC established a gun violence research center that will focus on the gun violence studies.

$5 million fund for the new California Firearm Violence Research Center has been approved by California Legislature in the wake of Orlando shooting. The research in this center will provide science-based facts on impacts of guns and could help policy makers to evaluate gun control policies in the future.

Gun violence is one of the health problems in the US and with many of Americans own guns at home, the chances of homicides and violence are high. According to researcher at Boston University, Michael Siegel, many states do not have statistics database that is essential enough for lawmakers to evaluate policies, Wired reported.

About California Firearm Violence Research Center

At the California Firearm Violence Research Center, researchers will set out surveys and analysis from gun violence rates. The research center will be able to figure out if gun control is good or bad.

Many people have tried to prevent more gun issue in America but apparently, they are not backed with adequate evidences. Garen Wintermute from UC Davis' Violence Prevention Research Program claimed that the lack of CDC funding on the gun violence research has made a huge problem out of it, SF Chronicle reported. "There's been an enormous effort to prevent people from studying the problem," he added.

According to Senator Lois Wolk, bringing science to provide factual data is a good idea because it would help to reduce the injuries caused by gun issue in America. Furthermore, it could also reduce the deaths resulted by gun violence.

It's been a week since Orlando shooting incident at a gay club. The authorities are still investigating and reviewing evidences including CCTV and crime scenes.  

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