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'Suicide Squad' Casts: Fan-Theory Explains How Slipknot and One Other Character will Die


"Suicide Squad" cast characters will hit the cinema on August 5, 2016, which gives fans plenty of time to speculate who will survive and who is most likely to die.

The DC Comics movie has quite a different path than the Avengers as it proves that sometimes, some situations need extreme individuals, which are not super heroes. As the Suicide Squad trailer does not tell much about the hints, this fan-theory analysis could give clues on which Suicide Squad characters will appear on the sequel.

Suicide Squad cast dead rumors

Before the release date, Suicide Squad cast characters are rumored to have the spinoffs including Harley Quinn. However, people don't exactly realize that portraits of characters do not display Chato Santana a.k.a El Diablo or Christopher Weiss a.k.a Slipknot. Fans assume that Slipknot will probably not make it to the next sequel.

Furthermore, Slipknot is not seen in a lot in the trailers - which is likely to confirm that the rumors are true. According to one fan-theory, Slipknot has that top notch skill but the survival rate is low after a dangerous mission. There are many speculations on how he will die, it could be Waller's bomb, or simply becoming a target of his own team, Cinemablend reported.

Suicide Squad cast character, El Diablo, is most likely to die

Another fan-theory comes up with an explanation on character El Diablo's death. Albeit his absence in the recent poster released, the comic clearly portrays El Diablo is having a guilty feeling after killing innocent women and children. He is always cautious in using his abilities because of the guilt but he would likely to use it for a critical situation that might get him killed in a mission, Movie Pilot reported. Which Suicide Squad cast characters that you think will not make it to the sequel?

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