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Jun 09, 2016 06:52 AM EDT

Nintendo’s Power Glove Has New Make Over; Tech Engineer Revolutionizes Power Glove Into Drone Controller [VIDEO]


In the past, Nintendo's Power Glove may have been forward-thinking and innovative. Alas, it did not always function the way it would. Not until Engineer Nolan Moore, a creative computer engineering grad, has prearranged it a new charter on life as a wireless drone controller.

At Bay Area Maker Faire 2016, Nolan Moore made Power Glove's debut as a reassembled drone controller. Moore incorporated it with flex sensors, a Wi-Fi transmitter and an array of additional components. He then was able to transform it from an average retro peripheral into an updated controller. It can now alter the course of a drone with simple hand gestures, Engadget reported.

Although Moore's drone controllers were built with real Nintendo Power Gloves, he had not left much of the devices' decade-old parts intact. He stripped them out and replaced them with more modern control boards. But it took Moore many attempts to come up with his latest and successful version. He used an early version of American Power Glove by Mattel and a second version with updated components built around a boxed Japanese version of a Nintendo controller that Moore won on eBay, The Verge reported.

Moore's has put up Hackaday blog, so people can follow his methods. From there he explains why he switched from electronic design software Eagle to KiCad and details the parts he used. Lastly, he shows off the stylish Power Glove in its all new glory.

Moore's work is incredibly impressive. But that there are more to his plans on doing with the glove, Engadget said. In the future, he will be replacing the Wi-Fi module with Bluetooth, an IR or RC transmitter or with other custom RD or USB HID dongle. Technically, this hacked Power Glove's the final form will be a Universal HID.

Check out the video of his Nintendo Power Gloves converted to drone controllers below. Do not forget to leave some words at the comment section!


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