Trump University Lawsuits: The Battle Journey of Donald Trump against His Students


Donald Trump announced his candidacy just a year ago and so far he has received 70 new lawsuits among 3,500 legal actions found in the review. And the dramatic Trump University lawsuits might be adding more troubles to Trump.

Art Cohen's Trump University lawsuit could likely to unveil Donald Trump's net worth. Cohen's lawsuit represents courses purchased after January 1, 2007. This is an expensive case as it could involve thousands of people in effort of getting a refund after being unsatisfied with the classes. This means, Trump might have to cash out his fortune for these participants who want their money back, USA Today reported.

In this case, Trump is defending himself in an official statement. The presumptive Republican nominee for president claims that Cohen rated the university seminar as 'Excellent' with a note suggesting sandwiches on lunch break, DonaldJTrump website claimed.

On the other hand, the case leads to a permission to unlock Trump University documents, which were kept secret for awhile. It would reveal Trump's net worth and may confirm speculations on his reluctant way to release tax returns report, the Vox Reported.

Tarla Makaeff quits the legal battle against Trump

After constant legal battle between Makaeff and Trump, the plaintiff called it quit stating that the case would risk her health. Basically, her lawsuit is similar to what Cohen has argued regarding Trump University wrongdoings. Trump managed to sue back Makaeff but got defeated. Makaeff who was supposed to continue the case, withdrew herself due to 'intense media coverage'.

The state's highest court vs Donald Trump

Earlier, New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman who filed lawsuits regarding Trump University deceptive practices, said that he would not be surprised if Trump uses all legal options he could afford to avoid trial. However, Trump's lawyers sued back Schneiderman, claiming that it was too late to report the charges. Now that state appeals court thinks it could have evidence on the fraud, the lawsuit will likely be settled at the state's highest court after election month, University Herald reported.

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