Mental Health Disorder is The Most Expensive Illness in America, Study Confirms [VIDEO]


Mental health disorder in America costs more than $200 billion - a staggering figure for a health condition, according to a study.

This fact concludes that mental health is a serious illness far above heart-related diseases that cost an estimated $147 billion. The comprehensive research uses database from the National Health Expenditure Accounts. It also shows an increase in the annual spending on mental health condition up to $60 billion, Star Telegram reported. And although more Americans are aware on the condition, it does not bring the number down.

Mental illness is an epidemic public health issue

The research explains about the statistics that show one in four Americans experience a mental illness regardless mild or severe. However, the concern is on the society's understanding regarding the mental health disorder itself because there is still a lack of recognition on the condition, Health Affairs reported.

There is a stereotype of mental health that could prevent patients to seek the proper treatment and health care. Thus, it causes serious consequences when left untreated, for instance, severe depression that may lead to suicide.

The figure reported in the study simply represents the issues in medical condition which researchers suggest to take it seriously. Charles Roehrig who is part of the research project, suggests that America should tackle mental illness to improve the nation's health and wellbeing, Washington Post reported.

The infographics on mental health disorder describes that the condition is the leading cause of disability in the US.

Mental disorders include Alzheimer disease which scientists continue to seek treatment through researches. The latest news on Alzheimer controversy came from IU health center that filed lawsuit to Governor Pence for banning abortions.Researchers at Stark Neurosciences Research Institute use aborted fetus to examine neurological disorders, University Herald has learned.

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