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‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Spoilers: The Awakening Of ‘Lady Stoneheart;’ Why There’s Less Bloodshed In ‘Episode 6’ [VIDEO]


Episode 6: "Blood of my Blood" of "Game of Thrones" Season 6 has not kept us holding tight on our butts. Although significant reunions paved out in this episode starting off with the Tarleys, the epic resurgence of a massive Drogon and of course the reappearance of Benjen Stark. But fans and "A Song Of Ice And fire" readers just made the biggest prediction yet - The Resurrection of Catelyn Stark!

As you know, Lady Stark has been brutally killed at the "Red Wedding." Three days after her death, she was resurrected by Beric Dandarion, the man who leads "The Brotherhood Without Banner." He gives his life to hers through the last kiss. Although her wound were partially healed and barely speak, for that, she must cover her wounds and hide her throat, narrated in the YouTube channel, Video Sight.

Remember that when a person comes from the dead, a part of them will be gone. For the case of Catelyn Stark, death has entirely changed her. VS narration said, she has become less gracious and forgiving and became consumed by the desire to avenge her family's betrayal and murder. She becomes known as "Lady Stoneheart" and took the lead of the brotherhood and the pursuit to mercilessly kill anyone whom she considers associated to the Lannisters or the Boltons. She hangs them even if they had nothing to do in the "Red Wedding."

Lady StoneHeart's Appearance In Season 6

Thoros, the drunken red priest and member of the brotherhood confirmed to return this season. Notably, "Lady Stoneheart" commands the brotherhood and one most evident appearance is Walder Frey who would later on be celebrating with the Freys and Lannisters soldiers. The wedding could be between Frey and the new young bride seen in the episode 6.

According to the latest theory, Lady Stoneheart will appear in this wedding and get her vengeance in the red wedding style, her cringe worthy comeback in the Westeros spotlight.

If you are thinking that this theory is a crap, think again. Go back to the faceless teaser where the head of Lady Stark was shown and a sequence when she said, "Show them how to lose what they love." Would they tease this stuff something huge is not coming? Do these fan theories appeal truthful? Share your thoughts below.

Watch the Video Sight narrative below.


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