‘Paleo Diet Weight Loss:’ Research Shows ‘Paleo Diet’ More Effective For Weight Loss; Women Lose 2Kgs In 4 Weeks


Researchers from Edith Cowan University (ECU) assigned 39 healthy women on either a "Paleo diet" or a standard Australian diet for four weeks to measure weight loss. Paleo diet prescribes eggs, fruits, lean meats, nuts and vegetables for consumption. But dairy, grains and legumes are prohibited.

According to ECU lead Researcher Angela Genoni, women on the Paleo diet lost an average of two kilograms more during the phase than the recommended standard diet group. Genoni added that while both groups lost weight over the duration of the testing period, the Paleo group lost about 4.3 percent of their body weight versus the 1.6 percent lost for the recommended dietary guidelines group. Those on the standard diet were requested to add up vegetable and fruit intake and whole grain goods, reduce fat intake, and eat low fat dairy products. The study is published on MDPI Journal.

Meanwhile, scientists from ECU's School of Medical and Health Science compared the effect of the diets on cardiovascular health and saw no significant disparity between the two diets. However, researchers said they were cautious about suggesting any diet which cuts out whole food groups despite the weight loss on a Paleo diet, ABC Net reported.

On Full Paleo Diet Recommendation

People on the Paleo diet improved their weight loss because they consumed lesser calories. Although they enjoyed a higher intake of protein which could cause health risks in the long term, health experts said.

ECU Associate Professor Amanda Devine said further research was needed to totally realize the health implications of the Paleo diet. Devine said, there is much more to health than merely weight loss. That is why dietary patterns that prohibit entire food groups could possibly impact overall health due to a decrease in food selection. Therefore further research is necessary in healthy subjects to evaluate the long term health implications, ABC Net said.

The study also found out that cutting out food groups in the Paleo diet led to important reductions in vitamins such as calcium, riboflavin and thiami. Meaning to say, the long-term health effects of taking a Paleo diet remain unclear.

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