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Thermographic Camera Can Tell If It Is Love Or Lies!


Telling if someone is in love just got a lot easier! University of Granada research workers have provided an answer to probably one of the most difficult question ever asked - How to tell if someone is in love?

Psychology researchers from the University of Granada teamed up to develop what they dub as an impartial way of determining if a person is actually in love simply by observing the altering temperature of parts of their body with the aid of a thermographic camera.

Sixty individuals who were in a new relationship were asked to put their writing hand in ice-cold water for full two minutes during the experiment. The volunteers were instructed to place their hands in freezing cold water while gazing at the pictures of their partner, Yibada reported.

In the next step, pictures taken from the thermographic camera after a couple of minutes were set side by side with the ones taken before the task.

On analyzing the thermal images that were taken before and after the freezing water task, it was found that the temperature of the volunteer's hands as well as cheeks, forehead and nose increased by about two degrees Celsius following the activity.

The same activity when conducted on a control group who were asked to look at the picture of their friend, no difference in temperature was recorded.

The body temperature is thoroughly linked to the sympathetic as well as parasympathetic nervous system. Besides, it also depends on the intensity of emotion and feelings of a person. In such cases, it gets comparatively easier to assess the activities of the parasympathetic nervous system in people. Spanish researchers are positive that this technology could be combined with mobile phones, StraitsTimes reported.

Targeted at tradespeople, the world's first thermal imaging phone, the Cat S60 is slated to hit the shelves next month.

Do you think this technology can be practically used to check if someone truly loves you? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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