Former Student Files Lawsuit against Morgan State University Following Cannibal Attack


Morgan State University faces a multi-million dollar lawsuit for failing to protect the community from  one of its student's cannibal attacks.

Joshua Caesar, a former Morgan student, who was assaulted by Alexander Kinyua last May, filed the lawsuit this February.

Ceasar was hit over the head by his friend's roommate, Kinyua, with an armoured metal baseball bat wrapped in chains and barbed wire during a visit to the campus last May.  

He was rescued by his friends when they heard his screams and spotted Kinyua dragging Ceasar down a hallway with a knife in his hand

Ceasar said that the barbed wire went into his head an inch and a half deep and hit his optic nerve causing partial blindness in one of his eyes.

Just a few days after this assault, Kinyua admitted to the police that he had killed a family friend, Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37, and eaten the man's heart and part of his brain.

Kinyua, who is also a former Morgan State University student, was arrested. Kinyua's violent tantrums started way back in the fall of 2011, when he punched holes in the ROTC computer lab's walls and began yelling at the students; posted  satanic rants on Facebook; carried a machete around the campus and made disturbing comments on human blood sacrifices at a university forum.

His erratic behavior sparked outrage among the campus community, wherein one of his professors was forced to call him 'an unusually angry person' and 'Virginia Tech waiting to happen.' (A disturbed man killed 33 on the Virginia campus).

The university just told him to attend a one-hour counseling session instead of expelling or suspending him.

"By May 2012, it was well-known to the counselors, ROTC instructors, and Morgan State officials that Mr. Kinyua's erratic, aggressive and bizarre behavior was increasingly getting out of control, especially his obsession with world cleansing, the end of the world, and violence," attorney Steve Silverman, said. "Morgan State is as culpable as Kinyua."

Ceasar, 23, alleged that the university could have punished him severely and prevented his attack on campus. He is now a student at Towson University.

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