American Airlines Officials Oppose Academics As Guido Menzio Do Math On Plane


Codes can be confusing to just about anybody. More so if they demonstrate their presence on a flight. Many questions whether or not one can tell whether or not others would know if the things written while on a flight are related to violence or terrorism.

As reported in, such instance occurred in an American Airlines flight. Guido Menzio was on American Airlines flight 3950, and was scribbling away math calculations for a menu pricing.

As the publication reported, the lady passenger sitting next to Menzio felt ill once he started writing stuff on a piece of paper. Because of this, AA flight 3950 returned to Philadelphia airport for safety and security purposes.

Menzio, by the way was an Ivy League academic professional. Not too long after, though, flight 3950 continued on its journey on the way to its flight destination.

An American Airlines released a statement, saying:

"A passenger on AE3950, operated by Air Wisconsin, expressed concerns with another customer's behavior. After reviewing the situation, the captain determined the flight should continue. We apologize to our customers for the delay."

View From The Wing, though, revealed, the lady passenger was not really sick. Instead, the lady passenger was alerted of the math calculations the man scribbled on a paper. The woman thought, though, the writings on the paper looked like foreign writings that threatened terrorism. reported that Menzio was an economics professor at the University of Pennsylavania. American Airlines flight 3950's final destination was Syracuse, originating from Philadelphia.

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