Allegro Charter School Integrates Music With Academic Education [2016-2017 Enrollment Details]


A school in Charleston County, South Carolina makes use of music with academics to inspire academic learning among students. The Allegro Charter School of Music with their unique academic program is still accepting students for their 2016-2017 school year.

Students at Allegro Charter School of Music are being given opportunities to learn their classes with music. The newly-opened school caters to 6th to 9th grade students and they are planning to expand until the 12th grade. Their program aims to make learning fun as students are exposed to music in every academic subject on top of music classes.

Musicians from Charleston symphony teaching classes also help the kids with their music classes. Beginners will have no trouble learning as there will be private lessons during the whole week. Most students at Allegro Charter School of Music are impressively learning at least three instruments. They are free to choose what instruments they like including the guitar, piano, French horn, drums and many more.

All kinds of music genre are taught too. Kids can learn classical music, rock, pop, rap and more. Furthermore, students with promising musical abilities can take advanced classes as they are not hindered by grade level.

That Allegro Charter School of Music is committed to integrating music with academic subjects. Music teachers work with academic teachers to create lessons that integrate music. For example, for history classes, music teachers may play sounds that are relevant during that era. For math studies, Allegro Charter School of Music teachers may use rhythms to demonstrate fractions and more, News 2 reported.

Allegro Charter School of Music is still accepting late enrollees for the 2016-2017 school year. All sixth to tenth grade school students must be Charleston County School District school eligible. However, they will be placed on the waiting list. Details for Allegro Charter School of Music admissions are found on their website.

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