University of Miami Running Back Mark Walton Arrested For DUI; Pretended As A Police Officer To Lure Women?


Mark Walton, a freshman and a running back in University of Miami was held in custody by Miami police and charged with driving under influence (DUI) on Saturday morning. The UM running back just turned 19 in March, was also accused with driving using a suspended license. The UM football team instantly suspended him.

Based on the Miami police report, around 3.45 a.m, Walton reached on a residential road about 4 miles of UM's campus in Coral Gables. He was in driving the vehicles. Police also emphasized that the running back had a very strong alcoholic beverage odor coming out from his mouth that his eyes were bloodshot and watery, and he could not utter words clearly. Walton also almost dropped to the ground when he was asked to step out of his vehicle.

Once his breath was tested at the police station, however, his alcohol level was .059 and .060, both below the legal limit of .08 for adults. However, the limit for drivers under 21 is .02.

Walton's breath was analyzed by the police, his alcohol level was below the limit for adults, which is .08, and he scored between .059 and .060. As for the sobriety test, Walton failed because he was not able to walk in straight line.

Kenia Fallat, a police representative, explained offices saw Walton while they were doing an examination, and thought he was drunk. She would not give any information about that investigation they were conducting. A reliable source of the Miami Herald said that Walton was pretending to be a police officer, use the uniform to flirt with a woman.

UM athletic director Blake James released a statement about Walton's case, "We are aware of the situation regarding Mark Walton and we have taken immediate action by suspending him from the team.  We have no further comment at this time.''

During the previous season, Walton won 13 games and obtained 461 yards and gathered 9 touchdowns on 130 carries. He also had 292 yards for 22 passes, plus a touchdown. He concluded the second season on the team with all-purpose yards of 1,054. 

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