Percy Harvin Retiring After 7 NFL Seasons [VIDEO]


Percy Harvin will be retiring from NFL after 7 seasons, according to his agent Joel Segal. The 27-year-old former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver decided to retire from his football playing career that may have something to with his injuries and numerous trades.

Percy Harvin first joined the NFL in 2009 and played for the Minnesota Vikings. In his first season, he had 60 receptions, eight touchdowns and two on kick returns. Denver Post reported that he won AP offensive rookie of the year during that time. He helped win two national titles for Florida in three seasons.

Post-Vikings, Percy Harvin was traded to the Seattle Seahawks in 2013 where he signed a six-year, $67 million contract extension. One memorable highlight of Harvin's NFL career was when he won Seattle Seahawk's first Super Bowl championship. CBS reported that Harvin did not have a good relationship with his teammates.

He was once again traded to the New York Jets in 2014. Finally, Harvin went to his last team, the Buffalo Bills where he played his five last games.

Pro Football Talk reported that Percy Harvin took a long time to decide whether he should continue playing. After coming to a decision to retire, the Buffalo Bills were informed. ESPN reported that Percy Harvin was placed on injured reserve after suffering from hip and knee injuries. Prior to that, he showed off a brilliant performance with a 51-yeard touchdown pass and 19 recptions for 218 yards while playing for the Buffalos.

Associated Press reported that in Harvin's brief NFL career, he managed to have 351 receptions, 4,936 yards of offense and 32 touchdowns. What do you think of Percy Harvin's brief NFL career? Share with us your favorite Harvin football moments in the comments below.

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