New Study Shows Coffee Is Not Bad For People With Heart Problems [VIDEO]


A new study claims that coffee is not at all bad for those people who have heart problems. Scientists at the University of California- San Francisco released their findings on this subject on April 16 and it is making a lot of coffee drinkers leap for joy.

Hello Giggles shared this report saying that it has been a while since people who have heart problems were told not to drink coffee and not have caffeine in their daily consumption. Apparently, that was just a rumor and those who have heart issues could now breathe easy and have some cup of coffee.

A photo posted by Cameron S (@cammo6) on Apr 17, 2016 at 2:49pm PDT

An article published by Mother Jones also supported this study elaborating more about the research. The lead scientist for this study, Dr. Greg Marcus and his colleagues dug deep into the link between coffee and heart diseases and found out that it wasn't as bad as the rumor said it was.

For a long time, there were reports saying that coffee could be the reason why the heart palpitates and that it could then lead to a heart attack. The truth is there is actually no evidence found to support it. A research related to it was done before and it was back in 2015, but Dr. Marcus pointed out that no statement was given from there to say that drinking coffee could cause the heart to dysfunction.

Bottom line, coffee lovers can now be at peace that drinking a cup of Joe won't lead them to have a heart attack. However, it is better to watch your consumption as well and not drink too much of it. After all, too much of anything won't do good for your health anyway. The key here is moderation. As much as we know that a lot of people love the rush that coffee gives to them, especially in the morning, it is still best to keep it at least a cup a day.

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