CFP Committee Could Discuss Rescheduling Future Semifinal Games off NYE


Though the College Football Playoff committee may not be willing to take semifinal games off New Year's Eve, but the Power 5 conferences' commissioners may at least force a conversation.

The CFP's semifinal games took a ratings dip in its second year, and many believe that was due to this year's semifinal taking place on New Year's Eve instead of New Year's Day. CFP Executive Director Bill Hancock may not be willing to realign future schedules, but FBS leadership may leave him no choice, ESPN reported.

"I think it's something we do need to take a look at," ACC commissioner John Swofford told reporters Sunday at a press conference in Glendale, Ariz. "It's an imperfect world in terms of our putting this together. What was decided on best met the objectives in the total picture of what was trying to be accomplished and what we were working with. There were some limitations as to what we were working with. Whether it will be adjusted down the road, I don't think that's imminent by any means, but at the same time we need to take a look at those things and the last thing you want to ever do is to... put your head in the sand and not acknowledge issues that might or can be corrected."

Hancock stated last week he "was surprised" to see the ratings fall as far as they did from a year ago, but that he was expecting a dip nonetheless. Regardless, he said he did not anticipate making a change.

Next year's CFP semifinal games are scheduled for New Year's Eve, but they return to Jan. 1 the following year. In seven out of the next 10 playoffs, the semifinal games take place on Dec. 31 rather than Jan. 1. If there is to be a conversation about a rescheduling, the FBS' 10 commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick could make it happen.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said a media session over the weekend he was unwilling to move the Sugar Bowl off Jan. 1, which could complicate a potential realignment of CFP semifinal games, CBS Sports reported. However, he indicated he does not want to discuss the matter further until after the National Championship game.

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