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Miami Football Head Coach Search: Should the School Even Call Ed Reed?... Why Not?


For Ed Reed, the head football coach job at the University of Miami (UM) became available at the right time, but at the end of the day there may not be a mutual fit.

Reed wound up discussing during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show when the topic of former players becoming coaches came up, Yahoo Sports reported.

In the NBA, former players like Derrick Fisher and Jason Kidd land head coach jobs when not even a year removed from playing. That is not the case with football, though Reed has his sights set on changing that.

"I was like, man, maybe put my name in the mix for a coaching job," Reed told Eisen. "'Cause it seems like the head coach seems to just manage everybody, manage the game, you know, and try to help the offensive and defensive coordinators make the best decisions.

"I would definitely listen," he said. "Definitely would go and talk and want to know where they're trying to go, what they're trying to do. What they're looking to do. I would entertain it, yes."

After setting the Miami Hurricanes' records for interceptions, yards after an interception and touchdowns scored of an interception, Reed went on to perfect the art of ball hawking in the NFL. Arguably one of the league's greatest all-time safeties, Reed was lauded for his dedication to watching film, which helped him learn opposing quarterbacks' tendencies.

Regardless, UM needs a full-scale revamp to bring excitement back to the program that has been lacking since it joined the ACC. Hiring Reed would likely be far too risky since he has zero experience dealing with the various administrative tasks a college football coach has to deal with.

But there still may be a way for Miami to get one of its most recognizable football alums involved with the team. If hired as coach or a special adviser, Reed could impart his knowledge on young defensive backs and maybe even work his way onto the Hurricanes' sideline.

There is no indication Reed would accept such a job if it were offered, and he confirmed he has not received a call either. He told Eisen, "I haven't received a call from a 305 number just so you know."

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