High-Protein Diets Spur Weight Loss by Suppressing Appetite, Study


High-protein diets trigger weight loss by curbing appetite, according to a University of Sydney study.

Researchers said that Paleo and Atkins diet plans - popular among celebrities like Robin Wright, Megan Fox, and Tim McGraw - promote weight loss better than calorie restriction.

They said that obesity has peaked in the past 60 years because proteins continued to constitute smaller parts of today's diets. At the same time carb intake has increased.

"We can use this information to help manage and prevent obesity, through ensuring that the diets we eat have a sufficient level of protein to satisfy our appetite," said Nutritional ecologist David Raubenheimer, who led the study, said in a press release.

According to a recent study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Paleo diet is twice as effective for weight loss, reducing belly fat and controlling diabetes than a low-fat diet. Proponents said that the diet also prevents cancer, heart disease, depression, and Alzheimer's among others.

For the study, the researchers conducted experiments on baboons. They found that baboons on a high-protein diet were able to maintain their weight even when they consumed more calories. The finding highlights the weight-loss benefits of protein without the need for calorie check.

Raubenheimer said that in order to maintain a healthy body, one must totally avoid processed foods and consume more real foods. The researcher further said that the human body is not "adapted to biscuits, cakes, pizzas and sugary drinks, and we eat too much of them at our peril."

The latest study supports another research published in the biology journal, FASEB. The FASEB study found that people, whose protein intake was twice the recommended daily amount, lost more weight than a low-protein group. The high-protein group also maintained, Examiner reports.

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