Northwestern Philosophy Professor Accused to Sexually Assaulting Student Will Not Be Leaving for Rutgers


Rutgers University will not hire Peter Ludlow amidst the sexual assault allegations facing the Northwestern University philosophy professor.

According to the Daily Northwestern, Ludlow, the subject of a Title IX lawsuit from a student, will remain at Northwestern. The lawsuit also accuses the school of "deliberate indifference and retaliation" for how they responded to the complaint against Ludlow.

The philosophy professor has since denied the allegations against himself, but tried to leave the Chicago university for Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

"When Rutgers learned of allegations against Professor Ludlow at Northwestern, the university requested relevant information from Professor Ludlow and his attorney," Rutgers spokesman Greg Trevor told the Daily in a statement. "This information was not provided. As a result, Professor Ludlow will not be coming to Rutgers University."

The Leiter Reports blog reported in Nov. 2013 that Ludlow accepted a job at Rutgers to become the Director of the Rutgers Center for Cognitive Science.

"Rutgers was demanding confidential information that was not Professor Ludlow's to give, including confidential information about the student who made the allegations as well as numerous Northwestern administrators whose identities could not be successfully redacted. Northwestern University drafted a confidentiality agreement for Rutgers to sign and Rutgers refused to sign it," Kristin Case, Ludlow's attorney, told the Daily. "Because of that we could not, in good faith or legally, share the information. If Rutgers has chosen not to offer the position based on that fact we believe such a decision is clearly unlawful."

NBC Chicago reported in Feb. the lawsuit complainant alleged Ludlow got her drunk then kissed and groped her while she was passed out. Ludlow contended that the student propositioned him and that he has text message evidence that proves she continued to try to contact him after the alleged incident.

Joan Slavin, a Northwestern's Office of Sexual Harassment Prevention representative, emailed the complainant that Ludlow had violated the school's sexual harassment policy, NBC Chicago reported.

Ludlow is not scheduled to teach any classes next fall, the Daily reported, and the school has declined to comment on the ongoing legal matter.

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