A career in graphic design is very rewarding yet frustrating and competitive. The most surprising thing about graphic design is that despite the growing number of designers, there seems to be more room for everyone. What more, the industry has grown into a huge tree with many branches which provide more opportunities. Here are some of the careers you can get as a graphic designer.

Environmental Graphic Design

This will allow you to combine different elements of the design discipline to create the experience of people in one place. It uses built environment and communication to effectively convey a message to the people in that place. An environmental graphic designer considers colors, traffic patterns, visual information, and branding to further enhance the intended story. Environmental design is further categorized into four: wayfinding and signage, architectural spaces, information design, and retail design.


Imagineer, considered as the best job in the world, is a creative engineering term coined by Alcoa Corporation. It is closely associated with Walt Disney which created an Imagineering and Research Center. The sole purpose of this center is to study the creation and design of theme parks around the world.

Information Architecture

Information architecture exists online and offline. It's in the websites you visit, the apps you download, the printed materials you see, and the spaces you go to. To put it simply, an information architect helps people to easily understand their surroundings and find what they are looking for. One of the books that effectively describes information architecture is "How to Make Sense of Any Mess" by Abby Covert.

Motion Design

This branch of graphic design uses the principles of graphic design in creating videos, films, video games, apps, and commercials. It uses animation and film techniques to bring things to life. Some examples ofd motion design are the spinning 3D logos of a company in advertisements or the opening credits in films and televisions.

Package Design

A package designer uses his or her imagination to make a simple product become attractive in 101 ways. How can you make an ordinary pencil or paper stand out above the ordinary? That's where package designers come to the rescue. Here's a link to a collection of stunning package designs.