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Neil deGrasse

Neil deGrasse Tyson Maintains, Pluto Is A Dwarf Planet

Mar 22, 2017 AM EDT Experts reignites debate on Pluto's planetary status on March 21, the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference in The Woodlands, Texas.

The US Military Prepares For Laser Weaponry By 2020

The Age Of Star Wars: Laser Weapons In The U.S. Military By 2020

Mar 22, 2017 AM EDT The U.S. military is preparing to transition its weapon systems to become laser-based, which is more powerful and efficient than the existing ones.

College graduates

College: Still The Great Equalizer, According To Study

Mar 21, 2017 PM EDT Here's why higher education is still considered as the great equalizer, according to a study.

Opioid Prescribing Doctors Causes Rise In Concern In Health Community

Risks Of Opioids Prescriptions: ‘Highly Concerning’ According To Studies

Mar 21, 2017 PM EDT Studies reveal that opiod prescriptions is the most likely cause of drug dependency, which might lead to an overdose or even death

Google Helps Students Get Online With Wifi On The Go [VIDEO]

Google Helps Students Get Online With Wifi On The Go [VIDEO]

Mar 21, 2017 PM EDT Google grant has funded nearly 2,000 Berkeley County with 28 Wi-Fi-equipped school buses. They have also given the school district 1,700 Chromebooks.

The Red Planet Mars

NASA and SpaceX Join Forces To Indentify Possible Landing Spots on Mars [Video]

Mar 21, 2017 PM EDT NASA and SpaceX identified four areas in Mars where the Red Dragon spacecraft could touch down safely.

The YouTube Sensation Who Teaches Science

Physics Girl: The Woman Who Makes A Living Explaining Science On YouTube

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Meet Physics Girl, a YouTube sensation who earned her fame by explaining complex physics lessons in a simple way on YouTube

The Real Professor X Taught At Princeton

Meet The Real Professor X Who Has A Mission To Beat Major Tech Companies

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT The real Professor X is ready to disrupt technology and take on big tech firms

Deep Brain Stimulation Advances

Deep Brain Stimulation Might Be The Key To Curing Psychiatric Disorders

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Technological advances will make it possible in the future to use deep brain stimulation to cure psychiatric disorders

President Donald Trump

Trump’s 2017 Budget Could Affect Low-Income Students

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT President Donald Trump's 2017 budget slashing off funds from some grants could affect students from lo-income families.

Google Maps Has New Features

Google Maps Helps You Find Your Car Easily In The Parking Lot

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Google Maps has a new feature which allows users to easily find their cars in a parking area

Critical thinking is an important skill to develop in battling fake news

NCSU Researchers Find Importance Of Teaching Critical Thinking In Battling Fake News

Mar 21, 2017 AM EDT Teaching critical thinking in humanities courses has been found to reduce belief in "pseudoscience."

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